International Model and Entrepreneur: Irina Proskurina

28 // 07 // 2020

The Start of Her Career

Irina Proskurina is an international model who travels to Europe, Asia, and the USA for work and who has worked with Armani, Hugo Boss, Anna Fountain, Loreal, and others. After 10 years of working in the industry, she has now become the director of Forma Models, a modeling agency, is also the creator of UMMA bot, and has published her own book, “How to Become a Model in America”, as well as achieving many more accomplishments.

However, before she became the woman she is today, she started off in Stavropol, Russia. There, she studied English in school and had thought from time to time about possibly living in the states.

Eventually, she got her visa and decided to live in New York City, a place with endless possibilities. Once in New York, she continued her education in college, receiving an MBA, which is no small feat. She also was enrolled in a summer program at Columbia University.

Modeling Turned to Business

Irina maintains a positive outlook on life, where she views modeling as a way to not only meet interesting people and travel, but as a way to feel beautiful about yourself. Being in front of a camera can be very empowering, which is something she harnesses in each of her shoots.

By following out her dreams to be a successful model, she has learned many tips and tricks along the way. While being in the industry for many years may have hardened her, it has in fact done the opposite. Every day, she grows to love her job more and more, to the point where she is very passionate about helping other young girls achieve the same dream she has.


Being blessed with both good looks and a business mindset, Irina combined those two assets to make her own modeling course, “How to Become a Model in America and Beyond”. In this course, she offers her knowledge as an industry expert to give other women insight into industry secrets, as well as giving them the information they need to succeed in this cut-throat business.

Alongside her modeling course, Proskurina also is the CEO of Forma Models, which is a modeling agency located in New York. The agency focuses on helping new models adapt to the U.S. and to help guide them on their journey into succeeding in their modeling career.

Irina is also the creator of UMMA bot, which is a chatbot that is specifically meant to be used as a tool to harness personalized advice, as well as offer specific key details to how the industry works. The site is easy to navigate, and only requires three easy steps from users:

Step 1: Say hello.

Step 2: Answer some questions.

Step 3: Follow the prompts to get customized advice.

Turning her own personal goals and passions in life into something that can be helpful to other people, is a very rewarding task for Irina. Her greatest dream in life is to further her agency, and take it from being located only in New York, to being an international agency. This way, she can help even more models, and reach an even bigger clientele.

Work that becomes its own reward is something that many strive for, but little have the means to achieve. Irina has managed to not only achieve this, but to excel in it.

Источник: Medium